Diaspora Start Up support to get started

We successfully applied for the „40,000 reasons to do business in Romania!“ program announced in 2017 as part of the Diaspora StartUp call. The program was targeted for Romanian citizens living in Hungary who were planning to start a business in Romania. Among the hundreds of applicants, Fiberbio’s idea was finally included in the 32 winning applications, which were supported with a grant of € 40,000.

About the birth of the idea of Fiberbio, Péter Hantz told: “I saw a number of trucks throwing pressed apple fiber in the trash, which is nutritionally and physiologically the most valuable part of the fruit. Just that week, I read a summary article about how little fiber and how much sugar we consume and how it destroys the diversity of our gut microbiome and this attitude how many diseases it contributes to.

The initiators of the Diaspora Ungaria project were the Association for Romanian Enterprises (ROVE) and the LAM Foundation. The necessary financial resources for the implementation of the program were provided by the European Union and the Romanian government.